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Authoritative and invaluable, this book comes from the organization representing the nation's finest pediatricians. Here are state-of-the-art answers to all parenting concerns, with sound, reassuring advice on baby care that covers everything from preparing for childbirth to family issues such as adoption and stepfamilies. Here too is an indispensable guide to recognizing and solving common health problems during the first year and instructions for coping with emergency medical situations. Your Baby's First Year includes: -A month-by-month guide to a baby's first year that lets parents know what to expect in terms of growth, behavior, and development -Recommendations on immunizations -A complete health encyclopedia covering injuries, illnesses, and other disabilities -Safety checks for home, the outdoors, and cars (with crucial information on air bag safety and infant car seats) -Information about breastfeeding techniques and benefits -Guidelines for choosing a child-care provider -Safety points for grandparents -Poison prevention tipsWarmly-written and accessible, yet encyclopedic in scope, this sourcebook will guide new parents through all aspects of caring for their infant. This is sound advice that every parent can trust, from the nation's leading specialists in pediatric medicine.

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