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Corporate Reputation why does it matter?: How communication experts handle corporate reputation management in Europe

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In the last decade, CEOs increasingly recognized that intangible assets may provide a more stable basis for competitive advantage than patents and technologies. Hence, companies started to invest in corporate PR to communicate good corporate behaviour, gain goodwill and improve their public perception. This book categorises and analyses approaches and techniques of more than 700 communication practitioners throughout Europe on how to use corporate reputation as a tool to gain competitive advantage. It details corporate reputation management strategies and their contribution to business success. One of the world's top 3 PR consultancies hosted the research that underpins this book, which presents powerful advice for industry professionals (i.e. PR consultancies). The author writes with the perspective of PR practitioners, journalists as well as Marketing and PR students in mind. CEOs may enjoy the factual research and tangible advice on how to convert corporate reputation into a valuable intangible asset that delivers competitive advantage.

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