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Emulational Voice Control Butterfly Glass Jar (3 x AAA)

23,91 USD
23,40 USD
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Производитель: DX

Watching and collecting butterflies can leave you with hours of fun. Although butterflies come for only a short period of the year this interactive butterfly has already been caught for you and will live forever in this great canning jar. Simply talk to it or tap the jar to watch it dance and around for more than a minute at a time. It looks and moves just like a real butterfly and you will never find it too tired to play! - Color: Transparent bottle and colorful butterfly - Material: Glass + plastic - Expanded butterfly dimension: 44x40mm - Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included) - Simply tap the jar to activate the butterfly's realistic action. Ambient sound may also make it flutter - You could see a dancing butterfly when tapping the bottle or bottle cap - Butterfly will move for around 90 seconds - Great toy for children could also be a good decoration in your room

23,40 USD - в магазин