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Solar Powered Sound Wave Mosquito Repellent / Repeller w/ Compass - Silver + Green

12,57 USD
12,24 USD
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Производитель: DX

Brand No Model No Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Green + silver Material ABS Shape Style Hook Specification The main function of this product is to repel mosquitoes by using the newest sound wave technology; According to scientific research the female mosquitoes normally bite during their spawning period at this time they do not like being approached by male mosquitoes. So the repellent produces the same frequency of the male mosquitoes (around 5K Hz 9K Hz ) to repel the female mosquitos away. By using this principle it guarantees no harm to any human animal or any environmental pollution. A slight mild audible sound may be hear if you are close enough to the device which means it is working correctly; Toxic-free radiation-free; Suitable for travel fishing barbecue camping picnic running climbing and gardening etc. Other Features Frequency: 5000~9000Hz; Charging time: 4 hours can use for 30 hours; The panel can auto charge during daylight; Elegant and fine workmanship; With hook can hang on backpack waist and school bag etc.; Convenient for outdoor use; No battery needed powered by solar power can charge if there is light; Environmental friendly; Compass assists people (or student) to identify the directions Packing List 1 x Repeller 1 x English user manual

12,24 USD - в магазин