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10A Solar Controller / Solar Power System / Street Lighting / Solar Home / Regulator - Black

18,82 USD
15,57 USD
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Производитель: DX

12V and 24V systems automatically identify Dual digital display more intuitive With temperature compensation sensor control more precise more consistent battery temperature curve Large diameter large interval of terminals the maximum 6mm ² wires can be installed Load output electronic protection not afraid of short circuit overload full protection guaranteed not to damage the machine parts Four kinds of load operating modes: pure light control light control + time manual debug mode Using a tandem PWM charging main circuit the charging efficiency is greatly improved the battery protection function more perfect Board design dust moisture anti-vibration anti-high temperature anti- bottom temperature. In super harsh environments Solar Controller Applications: Solar power solar lights smart home solar garden lights solar chargers solar ventilation systems solar lamp solar billboard solar traffic warning lights solar power system Solar controller chip main features: Using a dedicated chip and special software intelligent control systems. Temperature compensation using a modified sensor with microprocessor control higher accuracy more in line with the battery temperature curve. Using a tandem PWM charging main circuit the charging circuit using a diode voltage loss over nearly half of the charging circuit reduces the charging efficiency than non-PWM high 3%~6% increasing the power of time; overdischarge enhance recovery charge the normal direct charge float automatic control mode of the system by a longer life; prevent the battery from discharging through the solar panel also uses a reverse power mos tube reducing the charge loss. Adopt a more intuitive double -digit LED display settings timing settings correspond with the digital tube display the display is more intuitive one-button operation to complete all settings. Use of SMT production process high-grade green PCB industrial-grade low-power chips advanced technology quality assurance ; can be cold hot humid environment stable operation. The use of advanced power technology greatly improving the effective power per unit area the structure is more compact. Battery overcharge protection using open approach to effectively protect the solar panels (some products using short panels power bleeder way so easy to damage the battery plates). The use of large caliber large interval terminals can be installed max 6SQMM wire wire spacing 9.5mm enhanced insulation and installation reliability easy slide wire durable. Automatic memory user to set various parameters unexpected power outage or battery power is used up after the data is not lost Using a dedicated chip with the programming is complete load overload short circuit and electronic automatic anti-reverse protection function troubleshooting automatic recovery after work do not damage any parts do not burn the insurance. Another internal fuse with a double security system reducing the occurrence of fires and other accidents

15,57 USD - в магазин