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Smart Solar Power Controller - Black + Grass Green

17,71 USD
16,43 USD
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Производитель: DX

Range of Products Application: Solar power system ship cultivation plant solar power system solar street lamp solar charger solar power garden lamp smart home solar power advertising board solar power traffic lights etc solar power system. Characteristics of product One: Adopt microcomputer process to control and realize the SOC control of intelligent optimization. Two: USB 5V output can charge and offer power supply for mobile phone and equipment of needing 5V power supply. Three: Possess the protection of overcharging and over releasing etc. Four: Adopts PWM charging main circuit in tandem type to improve the charging efficiency effectively and increase the power utilization time. The reminding batter charging of over releasing recover normal direct charging and automatic control way of floating charge prompts the system with longer service life. The system possess function of storage batteries back-flow preventer to reduce the charging consumption effectively. Five: Use the visual LED nixie tube display. Possess the indicator of electric quantity and lighter-operated delay time with display of more visual corresponding function. Six One-button operation to finish all settings. Seven: Automatic identification of 12V and 24V accumulator. Dont need manual switching with more simple operation. Eight: It has energy-saving mode. In the approaching complete of electric quantity s releasing in the storage battery the system will enters into the energy-saving mode automatically to solve the inconvenience after the sudden extinguish of bulb or load and low electric quantity of battery. In the meanwhile it will not damage the battery as well with more humanized design. Nine: The display of electric quantity and light-operated timing function helps for more straight and visual electric quantity of battery. The light-operated timing function is more practical. Ten: Quality security. Adopt the SMT paster manufacturing technique. The PCB of high quality and chip of technical grade can operate stably under high temperature high cold and moist etc the circumstances. Eleven: Exquisite appearance design is beautiful elegant and more high-end which makes your life more tasteful. The installation and usage One: Fasten the controller firmly. Two: The preparation of conductor. Suggest to user multistrand insulated conductor with copper core. Confirm the length of conductor. Reduce the length of ligature as more as possible under the circumstance of guaranteeing installation site to decrease the consumption of electric quantity. Three: Connect the accumulator"-" Extreme on the controller first then connect "+"pole. In the connection process please pay attention not to touch "+""-" pole in case of damaging accumulator and other components. After the well connection of accumulator the indicator of display screen and corresponding accumulator should be bright. Or else please inspect that whether it is connected right or not. Four: Connect the solar power generation: connect the "+""-" poles of solar power generation to controller s solar panel connecting pin separately. After the well connection put solar panel in the outdoor with shining of sunshine. The red indicator of charging should be bright. Or else it is necessary to inspect whether the connection is right or not. Five: Load connection. Join up the connecting line of load to the load output end on the controller. Pay attention that the "+""-" poles should not be reverse to avoid the burning of all load electric appliance. Six: The installation of solar power generation: Directly facing the direction of sun on 12 oclock. The solar power generations lighting surface faces the south. Tilt 45 degree with the ground to ensure the generator shined by the sun all day. Attention: Controller should be installed in the place without snow and rain. Solar generator and laden wire tracks U font below the controller and are fastened to avoid the entrance of rains. The screw in every amphenol connector should be fastened to avoid the loose thread residue or bad connection. Warn: the installation order is the connection of battery first then connection of solar power generation. When more than one mistake occur at the same time the controller may be burned. Attention: It is not allowed to use other power supply to replace the solar panels test system. Or else the controller may be burned.

16,43 USD - в магазин