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FOBOO 7103HMG Ceramic Handle Glaze Finish Brass Basin Faucet - White

63,48 USD
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Производитель: DX

Secure: inner tube using brass copper food grade silicone tube effectively prevent water pollution again get rid of the traditional products caused by long-term immersion water embroidered shortcomings. Let you rest assured to use potable water. Peace of mind: valve core is the "heart" of faucet it decides the faucet lifetime and watering effect. FANBAO adopts the advanced valve core with no pollution to water good to the flow control water saving effect is obvious switch life up to 500000 times let you at ease to use. Save: outlet bubbler mesh USES 6 layer mesh 304 # stainless steel wire mesh filter the water flow of water out of large particles and flexible foam shaped let a person feel gentle and comfortable and not four splash splash water saving 30% make you fully experience the fun of the water. Innovative: design highlights the character and decoration. New type of ceramic faucet give us a fashionable household life. Environmental protection: ceramic faucet goes through high temperature fire high glaze density will not scratch good abrasion resistance easy to clean never fall off. No plating and no pollution to water let you live a low-carbon life. Health: ceramic faucet acidproof alkali/corrosion resistance abrasion resistance good stability ceramic surface is not easy to breed bacteria these are unique characteristics of the ceramic. Ceramic and anti-scald faucet anti-static. Bring your family safety and health.

63,48 USD - в магазин