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1.2" LCD Waterproof Digital Fishing Barometer + Thermometer + Clock + Weather Forecast (1*CR2032)

25,14 USD
23,56 USD
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Производитель: DX

Portable designed and delicate with multifunction including record barometer weather forecast and time - 1.2" LCD with blue backlit - The Digital Barometric pressure has a huge influence on fish activity levels and how they behave - The Fisherman's Barometer makes it easy to keep track of changes in air pressure - Barometer: range from 300mbar to 1100mbar - Unit conversion: Hpa and Inhg - Temperature: Range -10 ~ +60 Celsius degree (Celsius and Fahrenheit selectable) - Resolution: 0.1degree - Data record: 6 groups' pressure time depth - The weather forecast for next 12 t24 hours - 4 weather status indication (Sunny - Slight sunny - Cloudy-Rain) - Time: 12/24 hour format clock display - Date display: month day - IPX4 waterproof - Powered by 1 * CR2032 (included) - Comes with a mini carabiner - English/Chinese included

23,56 USD - в магазин