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Coola Dental Waterjet - White

29,92 USD
27,54 USD
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Производитель: DX

Color White Material ABS Quantity 1 Functions Screw diameter: 22mm / 24mm (inner / outer thread); Dental waterjet takes up no countertop space because you attach it to your faucet in seconds - Only when needed. It's powered by your faucet not electricity which means no noisy motor. And there's no reservoir to fill or battery to recharge so you're ready to use anytime by simply turning on the water. Now you can thoroughly clean your mouth without stopping to refill a reservoir or change waterjet picks. Packing List 1 x Handle (Extended cable length: 120cm) 1 x Faucet aerator 2 x Waterjet picks 1 x Pouch 1 x Chinese / English manual

27,54 USD - в магазин