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Flexible Flat Interdental Dental Floss Picks - White + Deep Pink (25 PCS)

2,73 USD
2,49 USD
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Производитель: DX

Brand N/A Color White + deep pink Material Food-level PP Quantity 25 Functions Diameter is less than 0.05mm flexible and easy entering into the gap between teeth; This floss by a combination of many filaments; Soft filaments without causing extrusion pressure will not damage the teeth and gums a gentle massage function; Soft and elastic filaments will not damage the surface of the tooth enamel; Auxiliary toothbrush to clean up the teeth effectively prevent tooth decay and periodontal related diseases; Helps reduce acid production to avoid relevant periodontal disease and tooth decay. Packing List 25 x Flat dental floss picks

2,49 USD - в магазин