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SATA Cable (45cm)

1,49 USD
1,48 USD
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Производитель: DX

The Serial ATA/SATA cable embraces the new standard of Serial ATA connection. The Serial ATA/SATA cable connects the system board with any Serial ATA and Serial ATAI devices including hard drives CD ROMs CDRWs DVDs tape devices high capacity removable devices and Zip drives. Serial ATA specifies a point-to-point connection that allows for easy cable routing within a system. This avoids master/slave daisy- chaining and termination issues. Also better airflow can be realized compared to systems with wider ribbon cables - Connects SATA hard disks (internal or external) to your PC - SATA allows you to quickly and easily transfer data without having to deal with a thick ribbon cable - Easy to use

1,48 USD - в магазин