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Recorded Live On 1ST August 2015 At Wacken Festival, Germany01. (intro) Battle Cry02. Dragonaut03. Metal Gods04. Devil's Child05. Victim of Changes06. Halls of Valhalla07. Turbo Lover08. Redeemer of Souls09. Beyond the Realms of Death10. Jawbreaker11. Breaking the Law12. Hell Bent for Leather13. The Hellion14. Electric Eye15. You've Got Another Thing Coming16. Painkiller17. Living After Midnight
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In 2014, Axel Rudi Pell celebrated the 25th anniversary of his solo career. To commemorate this accomplishment, he was joined by friends and fellow musicians playing a unique show together. Besides the current ARP lineup, there was a one-off exclusive reunion of Steeler, the band which started Axel's professional musician guild. Also joining in the celebration were Graham Bonnet, John Lawton, Doogie White, Tony Carey, Vinny Appice, Ronnie Atkins, Jeff Scott Soto, Rob Rock and more... The band was firing on all cylinders and made this special show a lifetime event! Tracklist: Steeler-Call Her PrincessSteeler - Night After NightSteeler - Rockin 'The City Steeler - Undercover Animal Nasty Reputation Warrior Fool FoolBurning Chains Strong As A Rock Long Way To GoHey Hey My My Mystica Into The Storm Too Late / Eternal Prisoner/ Too Late The Masquerade Ball / CasbahRock The NationDrum Battle Black Night SympathyTush Mistreated Since You Been Gone Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Smoke On The WaterFool Fool Sympathy TushBlack Night Long Live Rock 'N 'Roll Mistreated Smoke On The Water
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